Elevate Your Renewable Projects

Unlock a new era in renewable energy efficiency with our cutting-edge G99/1-9 relay control panels and G100/1-3 restriction export panels. 

Are you ready for a new start in 2024?

Well we are, because we are now offering you the Renewable industry a better deal, on bespoke control panels and we don’t care what type of panels you require we have them covered.

We build in our own workshop G99/1-9 relay control panels and G100/1-3 restriction export panels, we build switch gear to match your site requirements and with us having our own workshops, you don’t have to go through third party traders, to get you panels built, this will save you a massive amount of money.

And one of our main unique selling points is we have both sides of the situation covered this being not only expertise in bespoke building of control panels, but also the background knowledge to help you with site problems and expertise in dealing with DNO Engineers.

This has come about with the partnership of Mr Dave Pallas and Mr Simon Holdcroft, this partnership cannot be match by any other company, Dave has got one of the best reputations in the renewable consultation field and has trained hundreds of engineers, having been involved in this industry right from the get-go.

And Simon has built an equally strong reputation as a major panel builder and design engineer, we believe this partnership can only help your company through the traumas that this industry can bring to your desk.

So let us take the strain for you and start 2024 with a new approach.

DNO Witness Test

You can see on this photo the amount of equipment we have to bring to site, when we are asked to do a G99 / G100 (ELP) Export Limitation Panel dno witness test, this site was in the centre of London, and is for a company that needed to use 94 Kwp but the DNO would only allow 60 Kwp, this equipment which we also supplied allowed this connection to take place.

So don’t let the lack of connectivity stop your clients from getting the connection they require, we will supply a bespoke panel at a competitive rate which will keep your client happy. And they will think you are you best thing since sliced bread.

And we will test anywhere in the UK and Ireland.

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